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Professional Lawn Fertilization Services

The first thing that customers, friends and family members will notice about your home or business is its landscaping and professional lawn fertilization services. A well-kept lawn will make your property look more appealing and give you pride in your home or business. At Commercial Turf Fertilization, we can make your property stand out with our professional lawn services.

Keep Your Landscaping Green and Healthy With Fertilizers

Fertilizer is an important tool you can use to keep your lawn green, lush and healthy. Unfortunately, caring for a lawn takes time, energy, knowledge, and experience that can make it difficult for property owners to do the job on their own. That's where CTF can help. With over 100 years of combined experience, our detail-oriented team can make your lawn, trees and shrubs healthy by using the current innovations in lawn care and time-tested techniques.
Fertilizers - Lawn Care Experts in Erie and Pittsburgh, PA


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Gail Sitler11/18/2016 6:50:17 PM

We are so glad we have Commercial Turf fertilize our lawn-especially this year. All of my neighbors are mowing their weeds-I don't have to mow-I'M GOLFING!!

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