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Aeration & Overseeding

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Aeration is a mechanical process that loosens up your soil to reduce thatch and compaction. This will allow water, air, and fertilizer to reach your lawn’s roots. This process is normally performed during the Spring or Fall seasons. Compaction is a situation where your soil gets compressed to such a degree that it contains little oxygen and prevents the spread of nutrients. Aerate every other year to reduce compaction and increase the exchange of water and air at the root level.


Overseeding, using a premium grass seed blend, can be done at the time of aeration to help fill in bare areas or thicken thin areas of your lawn. When done at the time of the aeration, there is excellent seed-to-soil contact, which help the seed to germinate more effectively. Overseeding helps lawns which may have been damaged due to heat stress, insects, or disease. The result, of a healthier, thicker lawn, is a lawn more resistant to future issues.

Your lawn says a lot about your property, and you really only get one chance to make a good first impression on guests or potential buyers. So if you are in need of quality lawn aeration services, our team will be there to help. For many years, professional golf course greens keepers have known the secret to a beautiful, dense turf. The secret is to aerate their courses two or three times each year, thus allowing healthy grass roots to thrive. Call us today to schedule your Aeration or Aeration/Overseed!


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