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Professional Lawn Care Services

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Professional Lawn Care Services to Fit Your Unique Needs

At Commercial Turf Fertilization, we are proud to offer our residential and commercial customers a variety of services that will keep their landscape looking healthy with our personalized, detail-oriented care. From fertilizing, to control of weeds and lawn insects, you can count on the knowledge of the CTF team to do the job right.

Just like your lawn, trees/shrubs have basic nutritional requirements. When the appropriate fertilizer is applied in to the root zone, your trees/shrubs will grow stronger. This will also increase flowering potential and/or brighter coloring. Healthy trees/shrubs are resistant to disease, insects and are more tolerant to stress. Trees and shrubs are also popular targets for destructive insects. Treating your trees/shrubs with insect control can protect them from insect damage.

Free Estimate

Contact us today and we’ll conduct an analysis of your property at no charge. We will work with you to identify solutions to problems you may be having with your greenery. We will also recommend various treatments and practices that will give your property the curb appeal you are seeking.

Standard Program

The following applications are applied approximately five to seven weeks apart throughout the growing season.

Spring Application
With our slow-release fertilizer your lawn will be a healthy deep green throughout the spring without excessive growth. Your crabgrass will be controlled as well as  any early-season broadleaf weeds.

Early Summer Application
Our balanced slow-release fertilizer will sustain the deep green color of your lawn and provide the proper nutrients to protect your lawn against the stresses of Summer. Our superior broadleaf weed control will control any weeds that may have germinated since our last visit.

Our superior slow release of granular fertilizer maintains your lawns fertility level under the harshest summer conditions. A zone weed treatment is also applied to manage difficult to control summer weeds that germinate between our visits.

Late Summer/Fall Application
Our balanced formulation of granular fertilizer enhances the natural thickening process of your lawn that occurs in the fall and will begin building stronger roots for a healthier lawn next year. Late season broadleaf weed control is also included.

Our balanced treatment of granular fertilizer keeps your lawn healthy later into the fall and makes it come out greener earlier in the spring. Protects your lawn through winter and develops a stronger root system so your lawn will look better with less watering next summer.

Additional Services

CTF offers additional applications and services throughout the season. Our most popular services are listed below.

CTF will provide various types of seeding depending on the needs of your lawn.

This service allows the roots to grow by providing adequate moisture, air and fertilizer to circulate throughout the soil. (Time of Year: Spring or Fall)

Lime Application
Lime will help raise the pH of your soil, promoting a healthy, thick green lawn. (Time of Year: Spring or Fall)

Grub Control
This application prevents white grubs. Grub worms are the larval stage of the beetle. Left untreated, grubs can cause considerable damage to the lawn, and replacement of damaged areas is often necessary. (Time of Year: Mid-June through Mid-August)

Perimeter Pest Control
If you are in need of Perimeter Pest Control services, know that Commercial Turf Fertilization is here for you. Our reliable staff pays great attention to detail during every job to ensure we create a barrier between the outside insects/spiders and your home.

Proud to Serve Erie & Pittsburgh

At Commercial Turf Fertilization, we are proud to serve our clients in Erie and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Call us today for a free estimate and an analysis of your lawn and landscaping, and see why so many contractors, public agencies and property owners trust us with all of their lawn care needs.

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